Was writing a paper and this exchange between the two characters jumped out at me...

(Carol is a student seeing her college professor about her grade, John, the prof., decides to tell her his beliefs on the 'college system')

Carol: What do you think?

John: Should all kids go to college? Why...
Carol (pause): To learn.
John: But if he does not learn.
Carol: If the child does not learn?
John: Then why is he in college? Because he was told it was his "right"?
Carol: Some might find college instructive.
John: I would hope so.
Carol: But how do they feel? Being told they are wasting their time?
John: I don't think I'm telling them that.
Carol: You said that education was "prolonged and systematic hazing."
John: Yes. It can be so.
Carol:..if education is so bad, why do you do it?
John: I do it because I love it. (Pause) Let's....I suggest you look at the demographics, wage-earning capacity, college- and noncollege-educated men and women, 1855 to 1980, and let's see if we can wring some worth from the statistics. Eh? And...
Carol: No.
John: What?
Carol: I can't understand them.
Carol:...the "charts." The Concepts. the...
John: "Charts" are simply...
Carol: When I leave here...
John: Charts, do you see...
Carol: No, I can't...
John: You can, though.
John: What?
Carol: Any of it. Any of it. I'm smiling in class, I'm smiling, the whole time. What are you talking about? What is everyone talking about? I don't understand. I don't know what it means. I don't know what it means to be tell me I'm intelligent, and then you tell me I should not be here, what do you want with me? What does it mean? Who should I listen to...I...

------- Oleanna by David Mamet.


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Ummm...Caridee won America's Next Top Model!! That was so awesome. Literally a huge smile was on my face when they showed her picture, she is so cool and hyper. Hyper girls are better. hehe.


Well I'm done. Senior Year is over. I graduate in less than a week. Seems a bit crazy. I feel like my summer is going to fly by what with work and that play and random shore trips. Well anyways here are the pictures I promised I would put up...(Minus the prom because my scanner has decided it o longer needs to work)


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I'll post the rest later...
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Past 3 Weeks..

So things that stand out from the last 3 weeks...


2 weeks ago I SAW DANE COOK LIVE! It was amazing. The group that was awed by Dane Cook's greatness was me, Cate, Megan, Melissa, Megan's bro (who look liked someone I had seen before...but I couldn't put my finger on it for forever, when it finally came to me while we were waiting in line that he looked like some kid that was in the Les Mis show I saw this summer, yea my mind is crazy) and his friend. Loved the show! so funny!


Then this past week I went on vacation down to the Outer Banks. No matter how many times I go I still LOVE going down. It was a full house with a total of 11 people there. Me and Erin had some fun times though (hehe filling up the hot tub with laundry detergent so the bubbles flow stuff...but hard to clean up afterwards) Did major shopping down there..there is now a significant emptiness in my wallet. Got my fill of ferrys for a very long time after getting stuck on the wrong one and then waiting in a restroom for an hour while we waited for the second ferry to come in. So except for the house that really sucked I had a great time.



And best part of all...









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For some reason I find this the most hilarious thing ever right now:

"YES, YES, Y-E-S! We are going to have a relationship tonight. I'm gonna go out with you, we're gonna date for awhile, we're gonna make sweet, sweet comedy love with each other and then suddenly without warning I'm not even gonna call you guys anymore. The last thing you'll have heard me say is "Hey I'll call you guys later" and I never call. But you hear through the grapevine that I'm dating a younger, sexier crowd and that I'm really happy, but I'm not happy because I think about you guys. In about a year from now I'm gonna call, weeping, in the middle of the night "You were the best crowd I ever had! You really listened to me! I didn't know the crowd I had till' you dispersed!". Then we're gonna get together, we're gonna hang out, maybe we'll all run around town and smash windows and cause destruction and I'll make jokes and one of you guys will turn around and go "Haha Dane you're a riot!!" and I'll go "I'M A RIOT YOU'RE A FUCKING RIOT!"......GET IT?!?!"

Seriously funniest thing ever.

(That Dane Cook is a silly bitch)
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It's only a Cabaret

Come to ze






Because even ze orchestra is beautiful!








Last night is tonight!!


7:30 at the VMS theatre!






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